May 2nd, 2008

That what is going down.

I need to clarify some things so that no one thinks I am being stalked or under physical threat. I am stressed about it, but not notably worried. The calls I have been getting are just some guy breathing heavy/wanking in the phone. They are persistant but I don't think I am under any direct threat. This toppled with some other, more family related, stresses are making me take this hiatus. I will be back, most likely sooner than later. I'm a tough girl and no pervo is going to keep me from posting online. I'll just change my phone number and not be so open about my life in the future. I would have shared with you the family related stresses so you fully understand my situation but this stuff falls under the N.O.Y.B category from now on.

There is no need for anyone to play vigilante in other words. Everything is going to be Ok. Thanks for your support though! You guys are truly fantastic.
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