May 26th, 2008

Don't Tease The Indian!

I just came across an advert on DN's homepage. The Volvo "Don't Tease The Indian" campaign. It reeks of euro-centric arrogance.

The interactive advert challenges the reader to aggravate an "indian" by tickling him with a feather (yes, a feather). The end result is the Indian hitting you with a poison dart, with the text "Find the antidote (click) here" guiding you to Volvo's Car Loan homepage.

Were they all high on the drugs when they thought this was a good idea? The whole thing is quite absurd! I still don't really believe what I just saw, and on our national newspaper's main page no less. I suppose it has potential for getting a lot of attention...

Edit: Alex and I made a short list of new Volvo Ad Campaigns:

"Steal the crack vial from the nigger junkie!"

"Tweak the dirty jew's nose!"

"Pull the gold fillings from the jew's dead skull!"

"Scalp the honky!"

"Beat the child labourer with a bamboo cane!"

"Steal the coon toddler's watermelon!"

"Steal the ancestral lands from the aboriginal (and then get him addicted to alcohol (and then take his children away to raise them in white households))!"

"Photograph the abbo and steal his soul!"

"Hit 'n run the Lapp's reindeer!"

"Kill the mexican!"
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