December 8th, 2008

I'm a big ol' pervert!

Going through my sketchbook notes I've discovered some pretty nasty stuff:

An R&B song

I hope we get to do it in the bum one day.

I've been waiting for you to turn 19, girl, so we can do it in the pooper.

[Listen here, Bitch, some day we're gonna do it in the bum]

Phone Sex Chat script

So what are you wearing?

- nothing...

Oh that's hot!

- Yeah... and I'm all lathered up with lard...

It's like you know what I like!

- I'm also gnawing on a wheel of cheese.

Musicians and their sex equivalents
with Jimmy Wallin

Bruce Springsteen = Missionary

Bob Dylan = Passionate anal sex

ACDC = A really good wank

50s pop = Heavy petting

Reggae = Doggy style while high (I'm picturing Buffalo Soldier)

Pictures of You by the cure = "Okay, if I give you head for a bit will you go sleep on the couch? You snore so fucking much."
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