December 23rd, 2008

2008-12-22: Kill me!

Panel 1:
Hmmm... The weather's nice. The sun is shining. I should maybe go out a bit. Do some shopping... maybe.

Panel 2:
Shit it's really windy.
The wind is sucking all the air out of me.
I can hardly breathe.

Panel 1:
In town I bought a lot (mostly from the flea market below Indiska)
4 egg cups from the 50s (I think)
2 glasses with a fruit motif
2 yellow bowls
A plastic bag full of sea shells for the kids
Hooks for the bathroom
5 mini photo frames
3 micron pens and 1 sabel brush with a "retard" grip
Julmust (Christmas soda in Sweden)
1 Mustard pickled herring
1 Dill pickled herring
Gingerbread cookies
Tunnbröd (local type of bread here)
Messmör (local type of ... I don't even know what to call it)

Panel 2:
I'm going to chrismas like hell now!

Panel 3:
Only when I get home I get the worst stomach flu with fever chills.
snot paper
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