November 12th, 2011

Children Films

Every Saturday I try to watch a family film with my children, and I will not sit down and watch any old crap that is animated and flashy, as kids have the tendency to do. We have seen a lot of films through the years, every Miyazaki, Pixar, Disney animated classics, Bluth, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Neverending Story, Goonies etc.

My imagination is running out, so I asked Twitter to suggest some and I would like to share them. Please suggest more in the comments and I will add them to the list if we haven't seen them!

1) Hook
2) How to Train Your Dragon
3) The Last Unicorn
4) Girl Who Lept Through Time
5) Summer Wars
6) Despicable Me
7) Flight of the Navigator
8) Peanut Butter Solution
9) Real Genius
10) Return to Oz
11) Flight of the Navigator
12) The Last Starfighter
13) The Wizard
14) Bill & Ted Movies
15) Explorers (1985)
16) Home Alone
17) The Sandlot
18) Cats Don't Dance
19) Secret of Kells