Summer 2009 Part 1

Just what have I been up to lately? I haven't exactly been inclined to write about it to be honest. But here it is.

"Fan" means "damn" or "fuck" in English.

(ps. please sorry. I'm not pregnant anymore... no congratulations please.)

Jacuzzi Bath Pillow & Rosengård

I had no intention of posting this one because it was so hastily drawn, but Rasmus insisted because, as he words it, he "wants my readers to know what he has to put up with". I have no idea what he's talking about. :)

The first part is us just having a bath, and then we jump straight into an "Inlines Adventure" in Malmö's "hood". Rosengård is internationally known for being a "bad neighbourhood". It looked like a pretty normal neighbourhood to me, to be honest. But the media has another picture of Rosengård.

Internet famous and totally HAWT!

I've done a few comics that I don't like putting up because it makes me feel like I'm bragging when really I'm not. I'm normally just being sarcastic.

This one is one of them.

Also to note I did no blue sketch under this one. Just completely fast and free hand. And it shows.

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Coming Home Drunk!

Just realised this might look like he was violently cramming popcorn in my mouth. Totally not the case. It was very much funny and playfully done. Rasmus is a unique one at times, is all. ^_^